Central Alarm Management System - PSIM

Plan, Detect, Investigate and Resolve

Omnipresence 3D is an intuitive way to access vast amounts of information

  • Effortlessly link video surveillance, access control systems, GIS and other 3rd party systems from multiple vendors
  • With a highly realistic 3D mapping interface, all real-time and historical information is displayed and intuitively controllable
  • Whether you are on-site or across the world, security operators in one or multiple command centers can access and process complex security tasks effectively, preventing incidents from becoming crises

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Gain Unparalleled Situational Awareness

The moment an alarm is triggered, security operators receive simple, distinct, prioritized tasks, relevant video feeds and a 3D map overview to provide them with the situational awareness needed to carry out the most complex crisis to a successful outcome.


Achieve Faster Response Times with a Clear Dispatching Picture

With a single click, multiple operators can easily switch between numerous alarms in real-time making even the most complicated emergency a logical set of manageable steps. Each alarm generates a unique Perspective, a tab in the interface complete with all the information needed to address every alarm. A simple yet powerful user permission management system allows the security director detailed control over which operators see each type of alarm, based on alarm priority, type or physical location of the alarm.


Reduce Your Operational Cost

Using a single unified security interface reduces an operator's training time, allows operators to conduct more investigations in a day and allows for a cost-effective approach to keeping your facility up to date with the latest command center technology.


A Security System That’s Easy to Use

Whether you are part of the IT team or security department, Omnipresence 3D is an easy to use software that features a task-driven alarm management system and lowers risks made my human error.  It eliminates the need for procedure literature. Within a single screen featuring an intuitive 3D graphical user interface, monitor and access information across your entire secured area.

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