Increase Productivity by Linking Disparate Systems Into a Common Interface

Omnipresence 3D Central Command is your security solution that connects into COTS physical security equipment and presents operators with real-time data fusion. It analyzes and controls video cameras, recorders, gunshot detection systems, physical access control, GPS, radar, intercom and much more. With Omnipresence 3D you can easily view hundreds of video streams realistically projected over the perimeter of a city or military base into a unified and actionable Common Operating Picture.


Easily Gather All Pertinent Information

Military bases must be under constant surveillance to protect its property and individuals. Within a single interface, Omnipresence 3D allows you to monitor dozens of videos realistically projected over a neighborhood. Seamlessly zoom into a specific area of the city, as if you were flying over that building and seeing through the roofs. 


Create a True Situational Overview for Real-Time Incident Response

Searching for a person or vehicle? Within Omnipresence 3D, view, synchronize and interact with GIS layers, e.g. connect to ESRI™ servers to enumerate nearby hazmat, track a suspect through GPS or cell triangulation, see the video of the target when it’s in sight, etc.