Improved Transport Outcomes

On a day to day basis, millions of people use public transit whether it's by train, metro or bus. The safety and security of the passengers is a number one priority. Security control centers must manage hundreds of video feeds for their various terminals, access control systems, fire alarms and many more systems simultaneously. With Omnipresence 3D, manage and interpret all of the information from the various systems to response to notifications, alarms and emergencies.


Alert and Ready!

Omnipresence 3D integrates all 3rd party security systems including video management systems, GIS  (Geographic Information System), access control, licence plate recognition and many more systems into a common easy to use interface and provides an advanced situational awareness to respond effectively to any type of alarm.

  • Track suspects across a facility or follow vehicles on the roadway by controlling many cameras simultaneously and monitor the area within the 3D world
  • Follow and redirect traffic by changing traffic lights or access control areas with a click of a mouse
  • Retrace a suspicious package to its source, in under one minute


Share Information Across Agencies For Better Decision Making

Whether it be the city council, the police department or a university campus. With Omnipresence 3D a city can link the various security systems and from several agencies, providing a superior situational awareness.