Improved Traffic Outcomes

Traffic congestion in a city is a headache that everyone wishes they could avoid. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is a dynamic way to control and improve transportation outcomes.  With Omnipresence 3D, integrate information from existing 3rd party traffic management control systems and intuitively control the outcome.

  • To manage the flow of traffic, with a click of a button, monitor and change traffic signals from green, yellow to red
  • Alert drivers of high density traffic areas and accidents by displaying and changing the message of any variable messaging sign including road announcements and speed limit indicators

Create a True Situational Overview for Real-Time Incident Response

Within a common interface, Omnipresence 3D allows you to manage traffic situations while they’re happening and provides you with step-by-step procedures resulting in the most positive traffic outcomes.

  • For a true situational awareness, display live traffic patterns through a 3D map and live camera feeds

Share Information across Agencies for Better Decision Making

Whether it be the highway patrol, the police department or the public transit system. With Omnipresence 3D Intelligent Transportation Systems can link the various traffic management control systems and from several agencies, providing a superior situational awareness.