Augment Your GIS for Security & Safety

GeoLink is the key to connecting your physical security systems with your GIS, creating a bi-directional operations and visualization platform.



Get a Clear Visual Understanding of Your Surroundings

Often the agencies such as the police force, emergency management, 911 dispatch and public safety are integrated with numerous technologies that don't communicate with each other. With GeoLink, Omnipresence 3D becomes a full-fledged 3D GIS visualization application. All desired positional mapping data, such as street names, positions of hospitals, fire hydrants, CCTV cameras, building exits, etc., are pulled directly from the ArcGIS Server and transformed into 3D visual data within Omnipresence 3D Central Command. 



Integrated with Esri ArcGIS®

Data from a GIS Server is streamed directly into the security platform, via Omnipresence 3D GeoLink. Through this integration, an efficient architecture is created, enabling public safety and security practitioners to leverage the information created by the GIS department. Data is centralized, not duplicated, and always kept up to date and consistent between all departments and operations centers.