Control Events While They're Happening

University campuses, casinos and corporations all have a common goal to protect the safety and well-being of all individuals and resources on their property. Within a single interface, Omnipresence 3D allows you to monitor dozens of videos realistically projected over a large area. Seamlessly zoom into a specific area of the facility, as if you were flying over that building and seeing through the roofs. Link with Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems and emergency vehicle GPS to create a true situational overview, for real-time incident response.


Alert and Ready!

  • Track suspects across a facility or follow vehicles on the roadway by controlling many cameras simultaneously and monitor the area within the 3D world
  • Retrace a suspicious package to its source, in under one minute


Share Information Across Agencies For Better Decision Making

Whether it be the city council, the police department or a university campus. With Omnipresence 3D a city can link the various security systems and from several agencies, providing a superior situational awareness.