Citywide Awareness at Your Fingertips


With Omnipresence 3D Central Command, control all types of public safety and security equipment (e.g. video, access control, GPS, radar, intercom, chemical sensors, gunshot detection) across an entire city or region by unifying information coming from disparate systems into a single 3D, geospatial visualization interface.  



Timely Resolution of Crimes and Major Events

Control Events While They're Happening

Picture this: there is a festival taking place in your jurisdiction. The public's safety, their personal belongings and corporate property are at risk. Within a single interface, Omnipresence 3D allows you to monitor dozens of videos realistically projected over a neighborhood. Seamlessly zoom into a specific area of the city, as if you were flying over that building and seeing through the roofs. Link with Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems and emergency vehicle GPS.  All this to create a true situational overview, for real-time incident management and response.


Easily Gather All Pertinent Information

Searching for a person or vehicle? Within Omnipresence 3D, view, synchronize and interact with GIS layers, e.g. connect to ESRI™ servers to enumerate nearby hazmat, track a suspect through GPS or cell triangulation, see the video of the target when it’s in sight, etc. Omnipresence 3D integrates with 3rd-party systems in a common, intuitive user interface. All elements are visible and controllable in a highly realistic 3D map interface. It eliminates information overload,by unifying alarms and instructing to the operator on the best next steps to deal with a specific emergency.


Share Information Across Agencies For Better Decision Making

Whether it be the city council, the police department or a university campus. With Omnipresence 3D a city can link the various security systems and from several agencies, providing a superior situational awareness.