Create 3D Security            Simulations and Designs

Omnipresence 3D Pro Design is a 3D surveillance design tool. Before any cameras are even purchased or installed, Omnipresence 3D Pro Design ensures that you are maximizing your security budget while meeting all design requirements.

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 Empower Your            Security Command Center

Omnipresence 3D Central Command is a command and control platform, integrating security and safety systems into an action-oriented, visual 3D interface.                                                                                                                        

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 Enhance Your                  Geospatial Awareness 

Omnipresence 3D GeoLink maps data from the ESRI ArcGIS® Server. Geolink is integrated within  Central Command to integrate geographic data on a city or state-wide scale with security systems at the facility level.               

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Our Business

Fortem designs and manufactures Omnipresence 3D, an advanced physical security software. Omnipresence 3D is currently deployed worldwide within cities and military bases.


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